Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1, 2013

So this is my test shot.  It's from Fat Mum Slim & it's her list for Jan.  (I took a pix bc I know if I can't look it up on my phone, it doesn't exist for me.  I wish that was a joke.)  So far, so good.  I mean, I set it up to post this pix & it worked, so that's good in my book.  I promise the pix will get a bit more exciting than a screen shot of someone else's blog.  (No she did not pay me to promote her, I didn't even know what FMS stood for until about an hour ago.  Yes, I'm a lemming.  I'm ok w/it, you should be too. Next subject.)
I'm going to work on finding a way to post those as a larger shot.  I have a couple ideas on how to do that, but my one big resolution for this year, (if I were the type of person to make resolutions, which I'm not,) is: to take care of myself.  So that would mean no crash & burn.  No Crash & Burn means, no more than 15 mins on a task (or around 15 mins bc I'm really bad at sticking to 15 mins.  I set my timer for 10 mins bc I know I'll ignore it for 5 mins.  Again, I realize the irony of that, I'm okay w/it.  {I also realize, not truly "ironic," if the fact that I'm just moving forward instead of searching for the "correct" word really, really bugs you.  You may not be able to read the stuff I write.  It's cool.  We can still say, hi & stuff.  Not everyone can be your BFF, right?)  Anywho, that was a really long way to say, my time is up, but I will be working to improve this situation.  What do you mean you understand why I need to set a timer?

Mistakes & misspelling courtesy of my iPhone.

Happy New Year!!!

So Last time I tried this...

I was using Flicr bc I am lazy & could link easily.  Then I maxed out on Flicker, meaning they wouldn't let me post anymore for free.  Rat Bastards.  BUT!  I think  found a better solution.  So, hopefully, I will not disappear in the middle somewhere.  (I'm trying to link from Instagram, which will let me post as much as much as I want.  I know this, bc I have a niece who is 13, and NO ONE posts more than a 13yo girl.  Trust me on that.) Plus, I'm participating in #FMSPHOTOADAY which will keep me on target.  Right?

If it does work out that my easy linky-posty-thingy craps out on me again....well, I can't make any promises, but I will at least post on here what's going on.  (And I'll still be posting to Instagram & FMS So, put your seatbelt on, (I know you totes thought I was going to tell you to pull on your big girl panties didn't you?  Considering we just finished the holidays, I realize you may not have any big girl panties to put on, so I don't really want to know either way.  Thus, the seatbelt.  ;-)

So cross your fingers & here we go......
(I hope)